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Labels are of vital importance in the branding of any product, but for food labels they are essential for many other reasons. We all need to be aware of what we're eating, but healthy eating isn't just about ingredients and nutrition statistics. Safety instructions and allergen information are also requisite and further labels' importance.

At FineCal Labels, we know how labels are essential for branding but also for safety reasons. That is why all our labels on food packaging always meet the full legal regulations required by the government without compromising the branding of your company's design.

Are Food Labels Really That Important?

The labels on food packaging are primarily important for safety reasons. Legally, they have to display to the consumer exactly what the product is made up of. In addition to this, they have to show allergen information. By doing this, consumers can be made fully aware if there is anything they are allergic to in the food they're about to eat. By also being required to state if there is any chance of cross contamination with other allergens, people with severe allergies can be safe from dangerous reactions.

Another reason these labels are important for safety reasons is through their handling and storage section. These are especially important with raw meat, as if they are not stored correctly it can lead to the meat going off faster. This can result in the food being dangerous to consume, even when it has been fully cooked. E. coli and salmonella can both be found in badly handled and undercooked food, and can make consumers incredibly ill. This is why these facts are required by law to be placed on food packaging. Consumers need to understand how to handle the food they're eating or it could have severe health risks.

Food labels also can show consumers how the food has been obtained and in what conditions. This is, again, especially important regarding raw meat. The red lion or red tractor logo are printed onto products that come directly from UK farms, whilst other important labels such as the Soil Association and Free Range logos, immediately show consumers the certain conditions the animals have lived in.

For companies, labels are important for more reasons. Labels help the branding of their company, and allow their products to stand out from the crowd. Whilst there are a multitude of figures and information required on the packaging, it is still important to produce labels that characterise your brand and make it stand out on the busy shelves of shops.

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FineCal labels has become one the UK's leading suppliers of labels since we started in 1967. With almost fifty years of experience, we know how to create innovative and eye-catching designs that are going to get your product noticed. No matter the size of your company, we work with starting out independentcompanies to larger companies who sell internationally. With our flexible schedule and fast turnaround, FineCal produces high quality food labels that are both environmentally friendly and meet all legal requirements.

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