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Labels or Stickers?

A difference does exist between stickers and labels although generally are referred to as one or another. Stickers are classified based upon the type of material which the label is printed upon (usually referred to as a 'substrate'). Normally labels are classified according to the type of adhesive used in their construction.

As one would expect, paper is the most common type of substrate and often known as a 'sticker'.

Which Label?

There are many different types of labels in the marketplace that are used by various businesses. It's important that decision-makers recognise and appreciate the benefits derived from their chosen label prior to confirming orders.

Labels generally tend to be printed by manufacturers and supplied to clients separately (these can apply to large size formats), on rolls / reels, or set out on sheets. Labels can be applied manually or automatically. They are generally simple to peel from the backing or release liner and can be applied by hand, via label dispensers or specialist applicator equipment to speed up the task.


Choosing the right type of label does depend on the application, ie. what the label is expected to do. Your label manufacturer / supplier will have expertise to advise on the best label or sticker solution for your specific purpose. Speaking with FineCal Labels however will give you clear directions to ensure you get the best label to match your needs and we can even design it for you. For your guidance we've outlined briefly the main types of labels below:

Paper Labels

Paper is a more economic material to either have printed or offered in plain format as die-cuts on sheets. However may be susceptible to adverse temperatures unless over-varnished.

Plastic Labels

Plastic based labels have many benefits over paper types because they are more durable and the print finish is superior due to the smooth surface. Also they're available in transparent form.

Foil labels

Foil labels look great because they are in fact bright metalized materials and appear shiny. They have excellent durability depending on the adhesive used. They are ideal for products that may be exposed to different environments and may last up to several years outdoors. They can also provide great resistance to solvents, abrasion and chemical attack.


So - Which Adhesive?

Before placing your label or sticker order, it is important that you appreciate the different types of adhesives available on labels. Permanent adhesives are generally the most common and are used when the label is not meant to be removed. Removable adhesives on the other hand, mean that the label can be removed completely but does depend on the substrate type and time element spent - normally 6 months; after this approximate time the removability lessens appreciably and becomes permanent. Other specialist adhesives include freezer grades where products are subject to very low temperatures indeed.

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