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Self adhesive labels, or 'sticky labels' as they are also known, have many uses for both at work and also at home. They are used in a variety of places nowadays, such as pricing in shops, due to the fact that they can be incredibly durable.

At FineCal, we have over 40 years of experience producing high quality labels for businesses. We produce to all businesses, whether they're just starting out or have been going for decades, so get in touch today!

The Many Uses of Adhesive Labels

Self adhesive labels are created through the combination of three components. They comprise of a backing paper, a layer of adhesive, and the face of the material with the desired print, these are placed together to make up the labels. Various strengths of adhesive can be used depending on how they're being used. For example, for common objects being sold such as DVDs or books, where the labels are going to be taken off as soon as they've been purchased, ultra peelable adhesives should be used.

These types of adhesive labels can be easily peeled off and often leave very little residue behind, meaning the product remains in the same condition as it was before the label was applied. For jobs that require the adhesive to be much stronger and durable, high tack adhesive can be used. This should be used on unusual surfaces that can be difficult for other adhesives to stick to, food and drink products, and other similar products.

Basically, if the label is required to stick to the material for a longer amount of time, high tack is what should be used. This is because high tack adhesive can be very difficult to remove once applied, and if the label is required to be removed eventually, they will often leave behind a lot of residue.

Work in an office? These labels are perfect for such an environment. They can be used to label meeting rooms or work stations. They can also be used as name badges at corporate events or trade shows. By putting the logo on labels, it can further advertise your brand as it introduces it to a wider audience.

They can also be used at the home as well as the office. They can be used to organise any area, they're ideal for labeling filing cabinets, documents, and organizing any clutter. Another benefit of these labels is that they are cost effective.

Make Use of FineCal's Self Adhesive Labels!

At FineCal labels, we can take your requirements and create innovative designs that will blend perfectly with your brand identity. We offer a range of services, from food labels and aerospace labels, to barcodes and chemical labels. Through our continued investment in the latest technology, we produce a quick and flexible turnaround. This way we don't waste your time and ensure your products get the attention they deserve.

FineCal Labels is an independent company who only produce the very best quality of labels that are environmentally friendly and durable. If you would like to make use of any of our services, get in touch with us today for more information. You can call us on 0117 971 111, or you can email us directly at labels@finecal.co.uk.

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