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The E.J. Gallo Winery for the past couple of years has produced the top 10 trends of wine consumers. Over the past two years they have revealed interesting results that prove the labels on wine bottles are becoming more significant for the younger generation of wine drinkers.

At FineCal Labels, we are determined to provide your brand with the most effective and well-designed labels. That is why we offer personalised wine labels in the UK that we can design, print and send out to you. We only have high standards, so if you produce wine or own your own vineyard, you can be sure you're receiving the very best quality labels.

Wine Labels Are More Important Than You Think

According to E.J. Gallo Winery's Consumer Wine Trends Survey in 2014, around two thirds of younger wine drinkers choose or have chosen a wine based solely on its label. Whilst, we've always know the importance of labels for consumers and marketing, this statistic proves the ever-growing importance of high quality and effective labels for alcohol products. It has the effective ability to attract more consumers!

The 2015 survey furthered this research, revealing that they have also found that 'Millenials' (those born between the early eighties and noughties), are four times more likely than 'baby boomers' (mid-1940s and early sixties) to choose a bottle of wine based on its label. It seems like the younger generations are clearly paying more attention to marketing and design.

However, labels are still very important to the 'baby boomer' generation. The 2015 trend survey also discovered that baby boomers also take in the labels, focusing heavily on the region / origin of the wine, and the descriptions used to describe the wine's taste.

It has therefore become apparent that labels are far more important for the most recent generation of alcohol drinkers, who are paying more attention to the quality and effort that has been put into label designs. In contrast, the older generations use the label to determine if the wine suits their taste buds.

Regardless of what they use the labels for, it shows that they are still incredibly important when it comes to wine consumption. Here at FineCal, we recognise this importance, and we understand that if you want to appeal to consumers, you need to have an eye-catching design with the correct information.

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At FineCal labels, we are the home of personalised wine labels in the UK. We work with a variety of wine producers to create labels that appeal directly to the consumer, so that quality wine is gaining the attention it deserves.

Our labels for bottles have several advantages. We only provide high quality labels that use durable UV ink and are environmentally friendly. All of our labels are cost effective, so however many labels you order, you can be sure you're not paying a ridiculous amount.

Here at FineCal, we're a family-run, independent business based in Bristol, but don't worry if you're overseas, as we also supply to those who are based in other countries!

If you want to enquire about wine labels or any of our other products, you can call us on 01179 711 111, or, you can send an email to us at labels@finecal.co.uk. We're happy to help!

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