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Designing food labels can be a major challenge for all kinds of manufacturers. The pressure to get it right, capture the brand identity, present the right information and appeal to your customer can be over whelming at times, but that's also part of the fun. It's fun to design fantastic food labels which really capture the essence of the food and your company.

We're not saying that it isn't difficult, but the best label designers understand that their work will have a direct impact on the success of a consumable. There's nothing we love more than to see packaging that we have created help a business to succeed, and that's why we offer design services in addition to effective printing and manufacture.

If you're going to truly make the most of your food labels, you need to be certain that you follow these great tips!

5 Tips For The Best Food Packaging And Label Design!

1. Know Your Audience – You should already know all the information you need about what goes into the food, but you also need to make sure that you're targeting the right kind of people. You need to make sure that you know what your customer is looking for, even before you start to sketch potential designs.

Your food labels need to promote fresh and high-quality ingredients, brilliant manufacturing processes and convey your product's delicious flavour or health benefits.

You need to understand what your customer expects from their packaging. For example, if they are looking for Italian dishes, then it is likely that they will expect warmer colours and potentially even the colours of the Italian flag.

2. Understand Your Competition – Your food's competition make it difficult to stand out. As you are all targeting the same, or a very similar, audience, with similar products, you will all have obtained the same research. It's not really surprising that so many companies choose to create packaging that resembles their competitors.

You need to make sure that your food label design resembles your competitors to an extent, but is also notice ably different enough to stand out on the shelf. That isn't to suggest the idea that you ignore your customers' needs, but that you attempt to appeal to them in an innovative manner.

3. Don't Be Afraid To Show Your Food – Never be afraid to design your packaging with a clear, see-through section to allow the customer to see your food. Enhanced and staged images of food on the packaging is one thing, but by actually showing the food you can help to increase your customer's hunger and increase the likelihood of their purchasing your product.

4. Highlight Your Product's USP – One great tactic, which still works on an extremely regular basis, is the inclusion of images of the ingredients which went into making the product.

It can also be a great idea to include logos and symbols of the awards that your food has won. Anything you can do to set your food apart from your competition is a fantastic idea.

5. Post-Sale Marketing – One idea which is becoming increasingly common is to include a quick and easy recipe on your food labels, preferably including other product made by your company. This can not only help your customers to make the most of the food they've just bought, but also encourage them to purchase other products from your range.

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