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A high quality beer deserves ahigh quality beer bottle labelbecause, if done right the label can make beer drinking a more enjoyableactivity. You want a beer label that is as fun as the beer itself.

Being a beer drinker isn’t justabout drinking a beer. As many will argue, it is an experience. Beer drinkingis about enjoying various different flavours, enjoying the social aspect andfor some, it is a method of supporting hardworking local businesses who sharetheir passion for beer.

Many of us have our favouritebeers and we can recognise them by looking at their label. This is why creatinga unique and memorable label is important. When we look at the beer bottle labels of our favouritebeers, our taste buds dance with excitement remembering the delicious flavoursof our favourite brews.

“I’ll Have A Pint Of That Please”

In a bar some customers willchoose to purchase your beer based off the label alone. Some establishmentsallow customers to sample ales, or provide some tasting notes but often manypeople simply look at the labels of the available ales until they reach one andthink “that one looks good” and purchase a pint. If you want your beer to be“that one”, then it is very important that your label is both informative andvisually appealing.

“That One Looks Good”

Whilst word of mouth is a powerfultool to attract new customers, do not underestimate the strength of a greatbeer bottle label.

How many times have you visitedyour local shop and browsed the real ale section in search of a new ale to try?The label is a fantastic place to explain what your beer tastes like; if youhave created an aromatic ale with floral notes, the label is a fantastic placeto tell the customer.

However, information alone is notenough to outshine your competition. You label needs to be visually appealing.Drinking beer is a fun and enjoyable experience; your label needs to show this,you want customers to look at your label and think “that beer looks fun todrink”. A Label isn’t just a piece of information, it is artwork. It should beenjoyable, it could tell a story, perhaps if you’re running a family breweryyou could have a portrait of your family home, to give your customers aconnection to where the brew is made.

Inform Your Customer, It’s The Law

Whilst drinking beer is a fun andenjoyable activity and including information about the history and the flavoursis very important. It is also very important that your beer bottle labelincludes all the information required by law. First and foremost you cannotprovide misleading information otherwise you may be prosecuted.

After reading the labellingrequirements in UK legislation,you might be thinking “how can I fit all of this information into my label?”This is where FineCal can help. We have over 40 years of experience and canhelp you make the most of your label. We can make suggestions to help yourepresent your brand and minimise unwanted whitespace.

Why Should You Choose A Digital Label For Your Beer Bottle Labels

Digital labels are a fantasticsolution for creating a high quality label. Not only does it come with the manybenefits as listed above, but it also includes the following benefits such as:

· CounterfeitProtection

Counterfeit products can be very dangerous, especially consumable products.Counterfeit alcohol has the potential to be deadly; you can read more about therisks associated with counterfeit/fake alcohol by visiting Drinkaware.co.uk.

Digital labels have fantastic counterfeit protection. Whilst it is impossibleto 100% rule out the possibility of somebody attempting to counterfeit yourproduct, you can take steps to make it difficult for them to produce anaccurate counterfeit label. For example with digital labels, you can use UV inkin your label or use other forms of counterfeit protection such as raisedimages and toner protection.

CostEffective For Short Run Orders

This can have numerous benefits to your business. Firstly if you are takingthe first steps transforming a hobby into a business, a short run of labels maybe more appetising. Digital labelling doesn’t use printing plates, so the costscan be reduced for shorter runs.

Also with the short runs, you can produce different variations of your labelsfor different times of the year. Perhaps for Christmas you could create aspecific label to inspire people to purchase your ale as a gift for a beerdrinker in their life.

Beer Bottle Labels From FineCal Labels

We have over 40 years ofexperience providing high quality printing services and we are one of the UK’sleading providers of printed labels. As a business we are dedicated to keepingour prices as low as possible, without sacrificing quality. Our standards areso high, we are ISO 9001 2008 accredited.

If you’re interested in our labelmaking services but would like more information, there are numerous optionsopen to you. You could make use of our sample request serviceand view some samples of our beer bottle labels for yourself. Or you could alsochoose to contact us bycalling 01179 711 111 our lines are open Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 4:30pm orby sending an email to labels@finecal.co.uk.


  • High Quality Printing
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Durable UV Ink Printing
  • Cost effective even for short runs!

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