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For cosmetic companies, having a product which is clearly labelled is essential for consumer confidence and is required by law. At FineCal our expertise can help you create new cosmetic labels for your products which will gain attention and help their popularity grow.

Cosmetic Label Printing

Every cosmetic product differs from the next, which means that labelling for them come in a vast array of shapes, sizes and styles. From small stickers on lipsticks through to large stickers on bottles, each one is designed to not only draw attention, but also display critical information and increase brand awareness.

At FineCal we have great experience working closely with our clients to create a label which they are proud to place on their products. Whether you want to use waterproof paper for maximum effect or non-waterproof to be more cost effective, we can help.

All of our labels are printed using the highest quality technology, giving you the flexibility to be reactive as well as innovative. We can also handle print runs of various sizes, from a small test run of a couple hundred labels to a large order with thousands.

Our team will be happy to offer as much help and advice as you require. We work with a range of clients from those who know exactly what they are after to those who require guidance from start to finish, so please feel free to get in touch and discuss your ideas.

For more information or to start creating cosmetic labels for your product please get in touch with us by calling 0117 971 1111 or email labels@finecal.co.uk

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