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Today, bottled water is everywhere. In offices, restaurants, airplanes and anywhere else you can think of. What still confuses some people is why homeowners choose to drink bottled water in the home when they have easy access to tap water. There are dozens of reasons for this, from the taste ofindividual waters to the potential health benefits. However, how much of this is actually true, and how much is simply down to great water labels design?

It'd be ignorant not to consider the importance of water labels when it comes to the great bottle versus tap debate. Advertising and marketing has an extremely powerful impact on consumers, even to the point where a great water label could even change the taste of the water inside.

How Important Are Water Bottle Labels To The Water Inside?

We all know that the packaging of a product is at least as important as the product itself. The packaging of your water needs to do more than contain the liquid. It needs to communicate what your brand stands for, what the product represents and what it all means for your customer.

Water is hardly the most exciting product in the world, and you shouldn't try to make it appear like it is. Everyone knows what water is. It's up to you to make sure that your water labels and bottling fully represents the sense of freshness and reinvigoration that comes with your product.

It might seem like generic advertising advice, but when it comes to selling water – something which is available for free or next to nothing in a lot of places – you aren't just selling the product. You're selling the look, the practicality and the lifestyle. You need to make sure that your water labels are reflecting all that, without ever pretending to sell anything more than water.

Why Do People Drink Bottled Water?

There are plenty of reasons why people choose to drink bottled water instead of tap water or a more exciting drink like Coca-Cola. These can include:

  • Safety – Compared to tap water, bottled water is much safer. The water cannot be contaminated as it comes from natural springs and other sources, in place of a local reservoir.

    Here in the UK, we haven't had much problem with the contamination of public water, but you only need to look across the pond to see the risks of drinking tap water in places like Flint.

  • The Risk Of Drought – Water consumption is at an all time high. We've all seen hosepipe bans and more during the summer months, due to the lack of water in reservoirs. As bottle water comes from natural sources, they are helping to save high volumes of water which can be used for other purposes.

  • Practicality – Bottled water is much easier to carry around and store in cool areas, like the fridge. This makes it perfect for anyone who wants quick hydration whilst exercising or prefers their water to be ice-cold on a hot summer's day.

  • Health Benefits – In many circumstances, including restaurants and cafes, the options for drinks are limited. If you're trying to stay healthy, it can be difficult to justify drinking caffeine, sweetened juices or any alcoholic beverages. Thanks to bottled water, people can enjoy cool refreshment without harming their health or adding any calories onto their meal.

Create Eye-Catching Water Labels For Bottled Water With FineCal Labels

Here at FineCal Labels, we can provide a complete range of water labels for all kinds of bottles. Whether you're designing for plastic or glass bottles, our labels are guaranteed to help your products stand out on the shelf and make a real impact on your audience.

If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to get in touch with our professional team today on 01179 711 111. You can also email us directly at labels@finecal.co.uk and our team will get back to you as soon as we can.

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