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Well, the results are in. Whetheryou're still a supporter of Brexit, or you voted to Remain, there's never beena better time to show your allegiance. Thanks to window decals and self-adhesivelabels, you can decorate your car and home's windows and show your pridefor your political viewpoint.

Even after the referendum, bothLabour and Conservative parties are in uproar. Following David Cameron'sresignation, the power void at the top of the Conservative party has alreadyclaimed the career of Boris Johnson, and it will likely bring a few more high-profilepoliticians down as well. Similarly, the pressure on Corby to resign may wellresult in a similar election amongst the Opposition.

Even though Brexit is over, windowdecals and self-adhesive still have a part to play, and creating your own uniquedesigns to show your support of your favourite party or politicians is a greatidea.

Show Your Support Through Bespoke Self-Adhesive Labels

The Conservative Party LeadershipRace

With five names in theConservative leadership debate, self-adhesivelabels and window decals still have an important part to play. Creatinglabels which support your favourite candidate can help to raise awareness oftheir campaign and make a real difference in the amount of supporters they cangather.

Today, the five candidates for theConservative leadership include:

  • Justice Secretary Michael Gove.
  • Home Secretary Therese May.
  • Work and Pensions Secretary Stephen Crabb.
  • MP Liam Fox.
  • Minister Andrea Leadsom.

Although Theresa May is currentlysaid to be the leading Tory leadership candidate, the Conservative party has along history of electing surprise candidates rather than the frontrunner. Thevisible support of the party members, in the form of window decals andself-adhesive labels might make a real difference to the final decision on whothe next Prime Minister of Great Britain will be.

The Labour Party Coup

Following accusations oflacklustre campaigning during the EU referendum, Labour's Jeremy Corbyn ispreparing to face a leadership challenge. Recently, Labour MPs voted on amotion of no confidence, with the motion passing by 172 to 40. Corbyn,meanwhile, has said that he will stay on so long as the actual members of theLabour Party want him there.

It seems like there is littlechance of Corbyn losing the support of the electorate, as more than 60,000new members have joined the Labour Party since the EU referendum and hisown MPs started attacking his credibility.

Whether you support Corbyn stayingon, or you would prefer one of his competitors in power, such as Angela Eagle,creating your own unique campaigning materials could have a real impact on theoutcome of the leadership contest.

Using Self-Adhesive Labels To Raise Awareness For Your FavouriteCandidates

We all know that self-adhesive labels and productpackaging play a major part in any kind of modern marketing strategy, and whatare political campaigns if not marketing? Using campaign materials, likeself-adhesive labels, you can really help to raise awareness of your favouritecandidates and encourage people to vote for them when the time comes.

Whether you used materials likethese in the EU referendum or not, you will have definitely seem them around –on cars or in household windows. They are a great way of raising awareness forany campaign, and can be used for much more than politics.

Choose FineCal For Self-Adhesive Labels To Support Your Marketing OrPolitical Campaigns

Self-adhesive labels can make areal difference to any kind of campaign. However, you need to make sure thatthese labels are of the highest-quality if you want to inspire confidence inyour candidate or your product. For more information, or to get a quote on yourlabel designs today, get in touch with our team today on 01179 711 111 or emailany questions to labels@finecal.co.ukand we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

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