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So you own a cafe. One of the most important parts of health and safety in your workplace is ensuring that food is kept hygienically, safely and stored for the right amount of time. One of the simplest ways people do this is by 'dating' their food. Some businesses use pieces of paper and sticky tape to do this, but this wastes both time and money. Revolutionise your business with printed labels.

Minimalistic Design; Maximum Efficiency

You've likely seen them on fresh food in supermarkets, consume by dates on a label. Instead of simply using paper to write dates you have opened certain food items, use a printed label, some benefits include.

  • Easy To Read; Easy To Use -Two dates scrawled down on a piece of paper then stuck onto the opened packet of bacon looks very messy and also runs the risk of an employee not being able to read the colleagues handwriting and misreading the 1st with the 7th which could lead to disastrous results.
  • A More Professional Label - A printed label would help keep standard of labelling uniform across your refrigerated items. If you also provide fresh food items, such as in-store sandwiches you could use these labels to show customers how fresh the sandwiches are marking them with the date they are made.

Create Customer Confidence

Many say that 'a picture paints a thousand words', well a good label can do that too. A high quality printed label can help raise the profile of your business in the eyes of your customers. Using a label inspires confidence in your businesses food. It gives customers a piece of information, people trust labels. Thus, by using labels on your fresh food items, people trust your food.


If you choose to have your company logo printed on a label for your fresh food items, congratulations; you have just informed your customer but also provided yourself with a source of advertisement. If the customer takes a beautiful freshly made sandwich into the street and an onlooker spots this culinary marvel, they also see your business, and thus have become a potential customer.

You could also advertise an offer, for example a summer meal deal. Fresh sandwich and a soft drink at a discounted price, or perhaps an offer aimed towards children during the summer holidays. With our short term label orders, you can take advantage of the summer season and tailor your labels to fit.

How many times do you see somebody else enjoying something and then want one for yourself? People are social in our very nature, use this to your advantage and label your food.

Independent Family Owned Business

We are an independent family owned business. This means we can provide you with a high quality of service and dedication that is difficult to find elsewhere. At FineCal we strive not simply to meet expectations, but to exceed them.

Don't just take our word for it however, read some testimonials from satisfied customers who have previously used our services.

Trust FineCal Labels For Your Printed Labelling Solutions

Our state-of-the-art label making services ensure that you get the high quality product you need in order to both attract and inform consumers. When you purchase FineCal Labels, you know you're getting a label you can trust.

If you'd like more information on the various amounts of food labelling solutions we offer. Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us by calling 01179 711 111 or email labels@finecal.co.uk

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