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Millwhites Cider make traditional and flavoursome ciders from apples grown right in England's West Country. Using traditional methods of pressing, fermenting and maturing apples, Millwhites has a variety of ciders that are perfect for cider lovers.

At FineCal, we've been working with Millwhites to created printed labels that are eye-catching and fit perfectly within the Millwhites brand. We also produce a number of other labels for a variety of products, so check out our products page for more information.

Designs That Match Your Brand Identity

One of our favourite labels that we've created for Millwhites Cider has to be for their Rum Cask Cider. At 7.5% alcohol by volume, this is Millwhite's strongest cider, and we wanted something to reflect its strength. The design printed on the label consists of a skull with daggers, decorated with a bandana. It also has the definable Millwhite's logo at the top of the label. A rather menacing and intriguing design, the finish is colourful and eye-catching.

With the cider, comes this story:

As a young boy I watched and learned about cider making from Noel White, my grandfather and cider making hero. This cider, a favourite of his, is made from West Country cider apples and aged in barrels from The Jamaican Rum Company. An award winning medium tipple which is full" of fruit flavor with a subtle rum finish, but as Noel would of said, 'drink it careful mind or t'will ave your legs away!'"

The skull, we find to be a perfect logo for this West Country fierceness and because of the powerful impact and alcohol volume of the cider.

This cider itself won 1st place at CAMRA's (Campaign for Real Ale) East Anglia Cider Competition in 2009. The judges described the cider having a “wooden cask aroma, with a full bodied and complex flavour." They also commented on its delicious aftertaste, saying it was “well balanced".

Millwhites has been creating quality and award-winning cider for the past 100 years. All their cider is made from 100% pressed juice, ensuring a hand crafted product that is of the finest taste. Millwhites is a traditional business but also knows what 21st century cider drinkers want. With eight award winning ciders, they can be sold direct to trade and through their retail outlet in Somerset.

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