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One of our loyal customers, Blenheim Palace, supplies high quality mineral water and sparkling water available in 33cl and 75cl glass bottles, sourced on the Estate. The water is drawn from the aquifer within Blenheim Park in Oxfordshire, the birth place of Sir Winston Churchill.

Blenheim Labels

The back of the label tells a tale of the origins of Blenheim Palace Water:

"Within the majestic

setting of Blenheim

Palace, an ancient

spring has been

supplying natural

mineral water to King,

Queen, Duke and

Duchess for centuries.

The superior quality

of the water was

discovered by King

Henry II when he hid

his secret love at

Blenheim and built her

a pleasure pool by the

side of the lake. To this

day Rosamund's Well

remains as a poignant

reminder of this fatal

love – for the jealous

Queen discovered the

King's lover in her

bower and stabbed

her … to death!"

Poem of Blenheim

Read it for yourself on a Blenheim Palace Mineral or Sparkling water glass bottle.

To print these wonderful labels at FineCal we separate the face material from its carrier, otherwise known as delamination, to split the roll of material apart. We then print on the adhesive substrate and rejoin the roll further along in its process, also known as relamination. These labels are then applied onto the bottles of water, either 33cl or 75cl. We are currently printing 4 different labels; still natural mineral water in 33cl and 75cl, sparking natural mineral water in 33cl and 75cl.

Label Printer

The perks of using a flexographic press for Blenheim Palace labels is that we are able to print in such accurate detail to create a high class image of the palace.

Want to know more information about our printing process or how we could print your own labels? Then contact us at 0117 971 1111 or labels@finecal.co.uk.

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