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If you want to make sure that your business remains competitive, you can’t afford to let your product’s labelling fall out of date. You need to make surethat you keep on top of your marketing and that it consistently appeals to your target audience. With the industry-leading digital labels printing and design service from FineCal, you can keep on top of your branding.

How Can FineCal Help To Improve Your Product’s Packaging?

At FineCal, we are able to create labels for all kinds of products. That means that, over the years, we have gained incredible experience in various kinds of label printing and production. We understand the various conventions and features that your labels need to include if you hope to successfully market your products.

Ensuring that you keep your digital labels up to date is absolutely essential. Getting your heritage across in your marketing message can be difficult with fresh digital labels, but it is possible through intelligent design that reflects your brand’s personality.

When it comes to your product’s labels, there are five major points that you need to consider when bringing them into the modern era.

Five Things To Consider When Updating Your Digital Label

1. Practicality – The purpose of your packaging isn’t just to make transportation easy and protect your product from damage, it’s also essential when it comes to attracting customers to pick your item up. Your packaging is immensely important to the success of your product, but don’t forget that its primary function is to inform your customers about the item itself.

2. Make Sure Your Customers Know About The Change – If you’re looking to update your label, then the chances are that you’ll have been trading for some time. If you have a built up audience, quickly changing your labels can be extremely risky as they might not recognise your product on the shelf. Ideally, you should support your label change by additional visual marketing, particularly over the internet and in print.

3. Represent Your History – You need to make sure that you keep the heritage of your brand alive through your new labels. Don’t be afraid to try new things, but make sure that you keep your previous brand identity in mind when designing your packaging.

4. Don’t Skip On Information – All labels need to include information about the item. That could include ingredients and nutritional information, or other specifications. Don’t forget about the importance of this design feature while you’re focusing on updating your brand.

5. Differentiation – You need to make sure that your updated brand packaging isn’t copying your competitors. If there is a particular trend in your industry, don’t be afraid to make use of it, but remember that making your product stand out is one of the most important benefits of your brand packaging.

Work With FineCal To Update Your Brand Packaging!

The FineCal team can help you to create the perfect digital labels to represent your brand and products on the shelf. We can work with you to bring your brand identity into the modern era by taking advantage of the latest label printing techniques and high-quality materials.

To order your HD quality digital labels today, get in touch with our friendly team of print and design experts on 01179 711 111.

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