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Food labels are very important; but with numerous different methods of creating a label, many may be thinking “Why should I choose a digital labelling solution?"

If you would like to inspect our digital labels for yourself, you can make use of our sample request service and see the quality of our labels firsthand. However, if you would like to read more about how a digital labelling solution can be very beneficial, here are three reasons why:

1. Provide Your Customer With Information
Informing the customer is very important for a variety of reasons. Firstly you are required by law to include certain pieces of information about the product, such as the price of the product or metric measures (with someexceptions). More information regarding legal requirements can be found on Gov.uk

Informing the customer is more than just a legal requirement, it is also smart marketing. The more information you give your customer, the more informed their purchase. This can be beneficial for various reasons, perhaps a customer is searching for a healthier alternative to one of their favourite foods; if your product offers a healthier alternative then the food label is a fantastic opportunity to convince them to purchase your product.

Another benefit of informing the customer is that you can give them additional information about the origin of the product. If for example you are selling bananas, adding information to the food label regarding the farm could potentially be very interesting to the customer, this information could possibly inspire a purchase.

2. Digital Labels Are A Cost Effective Labelling Solution
Other methods of creating labels can be very expensive, especially for short orders. With some other printing methods, you require a printing plate. This can make small orders very expensive however, with digital labels; you don't need a printing plate, which has numerous benefits. You could take advantage of our digital labelling system and request a variety of different labels. Perhaps you could make specific labels for different times of the year or specific events. If for example, you're creating labels for cheese, you could include extra information about what your cheese pairs well with and why it should have a place on your cheese board this year at Christmas.

If you're creating a label for candy/sweets, you could take advantage of digital printing and create special labels for Halloween to try and encourage users to purchase your products as candy/sweets for trick-or-treaters.

Our state-of-the-art digital printer isn't just fantastic for small or diverse labelling solutions; it can also handle large orders with ease. Our main printer (the EFI Jetrion 4900ML) enables us to transfer a print file onto a finished roll without any interruptions. The technology is fantastic; we can offer a swift and reliable turnaround for projects of various sizes, making digital labelling a cost effective and rapid labelling solution.

3. Digital Labels Have Great Counterfeit Protection
Counterfeit consumable items are very dangerous. With legitimate food products, you know what you are eating because the information is on the food label. However with counterfeit products, you're in the dark. This makes them very dangerous. You can read more about counterfeit food and drink items in this Press Release on the Europol website.

Whilst it is sadly impossible to 100% remove the possibility of somebody attempting to counterfeit your product, you can make it difficult for them to create an accurate counterfeit of your label.

Digital labels can use a variety of different counterfeit protection measures: you could layer toner in a specific way so it creates raised images, you can use a feature called toner protection or you can use UV toner.

Why Should I Choose FineCal Labels?

There are numerous benefits to a digital labelling solution with FineCal Labels:

  • Our Experience
    We have over 40 years of experience providing high quality printing. If you're interested in learning more about the history of FineCal Labels,you can visit our about us page and learn more.

  • Our Low Price
    We are committed to providing the lowest possible prices without sacrificing quality. We work hard to produce products which are both high quality and good value for money.

  • Our Quality
    We are one of the UK's leading providers of printed labels and our standards are so high, we are ISO 9001 2008 accredited.

    If you would like to inspect the quality of our labels yourself and request a free sample of our labels before you place an order, you can do exactly that with our sample request service . When you place your request, please inform us of the type of label you would like to receive, otherwise we will send you a variety of the different label types.

  • Our Printing Process
    We have a swift and cost effective printing process thanks to our state-of-the-art digital printer. If you would like to learn more information regarding how we create such high quality labels, please visit this page about our printer and our printing process .

High Quality Digital Food Labels From FineCal Labels

If you're searching for a labelling solution for your food products, get in touch with FineCal Labels. Our many years of experience can help you optimise your usage and avoid unwanted whitespace.

If you're interested in our digital labelling services, or have any questions please contact our team today.

You can contact our team in two different ways:

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  • Or you could send an email to labels@finecal.co.uk.
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