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With the Rio Olympics rapidly approaching, some of the event's biggest sponsors have really started to push their marketing campaigns to raise awareness and interest. Coca-Cola has never been a company to hesitate when trying new things, and they're proud to adjust their packaging to appeal to theiraudience. As the biggest sponsor of the Rio Olympics, they've not wasted any time in adjusting their digital labels and packaging to include the famous Olympic rings.

The Coca-Cola logo has changed over the years, and it's nearly impossible to keep up with all the different promotional packaging the company creates.

Coca-Cola And The Olympics: A Partnership

The friendship between the Coca-Cola Company and the Olympics stretches back all the way to Amsterdam, 1928. Arriving in the Dutch capital aboard the same boat carrying America's Olympic team, 1,000 bottles of Coca-Cola were sold from kiosks around the Stadium itself as well as along the rowing course.

Since then, Coca-Cola has sponsored every single Olympic event, from London in 1948 to Tokyo, 1964, and all the way up to Rio, 2016. To celebrate the Olympics in Rio, the Coca-Cola company have decided to decorate their packaging with the famous Olympic rings! Having supported the event for 88 years, it's safe to say that if any brand has earned the right to decorate themselves with the Olympic rings, it's Coca-Cola!

Coca-Cola is the perfect brand to look at when considering how brands can evolve and update themselves to keep up to date with their customers' preferences and personalities. It has become an American institution, and is one of the most widely known companies across the world.

Coca-Cola's Changing Logo And Brand Identity

The evolution of Coca-Cola's logo has managed to retain the classical aesthetic which it originally possessed, as well as introducing colour and other design strategies to appeal to a changing marketplace and still stand out. Coca-Cola remainsin the unique position of being immediately recognisable, even if the packaging does not contain the company's logo.

Today, all kinds of logos are evolving to become much simpler and flatter. Recognising the changes, Coke decided to remove their logo completely from their packaging during last year's (2015) Ramadan. It's a clear sign of the brand's authority that it can completely remove their logo and rely, instead, on the distinctive design of the packaging, including the style and colouring.

Just think – how many brands are there that you could recognise, just from the colouring of their packaging?

Create Your Own Unforgettable Brand, With Quality Digital Labels

Today, we have a lot more at our disposal than Coca-Cola had in the early days. Using the latest design technology, as well as industry-leading printing systems, we can design and print a complete range of digital labels to create a powerful brand identity for your products. Just like Coca-Cola have always used the best technology to make changes to their logo and packaging design, so too do you need to improve your brand awareness with distinctive packaging.

Here at FineCal Labels, we have helped hundreds of businesses to design unique digital labels for their products. As well as long-term, regular packaging, with digital labels we can make immediate and short-term changes to your labels printing. Changes to your marketing campaigns can take hold immediately, enabling you to provide the latest label designs for all of your products.

For more information, don't hesitate to get in touch with our professional team of label designers and printing specialists. You can reach us directly on 01179 711 111 or email us at labels@finecal.co.uk and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

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