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Labels are more important than ever for a full range of products. Without effective printed and sticky labels, products would be practically impossible toidentify on the shelf. This is especially true when it comes to items which require specific chemical labels to ensure complete user safety.

Companies of all shapes and sizes understand that the best labelling services are essential if they hope to constantly provide the most attractive product that adheres to all relevant compliancy. This can be difficult when a company first starts to offer retail on an international scale. Therefore, it's essential that we understand the latest trends in label printing to ensure that that businesses can keep up to date and don't risk falling behind their competition.

2016's Digital Labelling Trends Across The World

1. The Growing Demand For Colour Labelling – Along with traditional the traditional use of colour for branding, et cetera, more and more companies are using colour in their chemical labels to meet the latest industrial requirements. As regulatory, customer and other requirements continue to have a great effect on labelling; it isn't surprising that colour usage is becoming essential in this area as well.

There are many modern regulations which require the use of colour labels, including the Globally Harmonised System of Classification and Labelling of Chemical (GHS). This regulation uses colour to highlight warnings and critical safety information for a range of chemical and industrial products.

2. Labelling Has Become Everyone's Concern – As global business is more common than ever before, in no small part thanks to the rapid growth of online retail, there are more people involved in labelling for any company. Labelling intersects the supply chain at all levels, including the various departments of the company.

Just some of the departments include IT, Operations, Manufacturing, Marketing and even Sales, to name just a small portion. With more groups involved in labelling, it can be more difficult to get a complete 'green light' on any kind of label design.

3. Customer Requirements Continue To Drive Label Evolution – Customer requirements and expectations are still the most powerful force in label design. If your business fails to evolve your printed labels to meet customer requirements, then you will be actively turning them away. This could be anything from a representation of brand identity to changing needs in terms of chemical labels and information.

Take Advantage Of Industry-Leading Label Printing For Chemical Labels And More

Here at FineCal Labels, we can provide a range of label printing service with a focus on creating hard-wearing and reliable labels that can be used in a range of situations. Whether you're looking for bespoke product labels or chemical labels, you can find the perfect solution for your needs amongst our wide range of services.

Our professional team can help you to design and print labels for any product or item. Whatever kind of labels you're on the lookout for, you can get in touch with our experienced printing team today, and we'll work with you to create the highest-quality labels for your need.

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